Series-resistive 1-conductor with screen


  • Frost protection and heating products
  • Available in different designs for many uses
  • Power off: 260 °C
    260 °C
This versatile heating cable is used for frost protection and temperature maintenance. It can withstand corrosive environmental conditions. This means that it has a wide range of uses.


Specification Data
Connection voltage Max 750 V
Number of conductors 1 pcs
Output Max 30 W / m - Power and exposure temperature vary depending on the application. Feel free to contact our support.
Exposure temperature (power off), max. 260 ºC
Exposure temperature (power on), max. Up to 210 ºC
Installation temperature, min. -60 ºC
Insulation material inner fluoropolymer
Insulation material outer Fluoropolymer
Cable type Series-resistive 1-conductor with screen
Enclosure class IP68
Protective conductor Braided