Wallflex 500 med EB-Therm 500 i vardagsrum vid fönster

Electric convector Wallflex 500 - for the smart and energy-efficient home

Ebeco is expanding its range for smart and energy-efficient homes. Wallflex 500 is a new series of electric convectors that make connectivity a matter of choice – with or without the EB Connect WiFi accessory.


– We are continuing to develop our successful WiFi Ready concept. In the same way as with the EB-Therm 500 thermostat, you can choose to add the EB-Connect WiFi accessory here – either during installation or at a later date. By connecting the accessory, you are converting the Wallflex 500 into a connected device with even better monitoring, energy optimisation and control,” says Peter Gustavsson, Product Manager at Ebeco.

Wallflex 500 med EB-Therm 500 i vardagsrum vid fönster

This is the Wallflex 500

The Wallflex 500 electric convector has a modern and stylish design, as well as an extremely thin profile in that it only extends 8 cm from the wall. The controls are based on the same software as the EB-Therm 500 thermostat, which means they have an equally instructive set-up with a clear display and easy-to-navigate menus. Thanks to smart technology, the surface of the convector has a low average temperature and the room temperature is maintained at an even level. With its IP24 rating, the Wallflex 500 can be installed in both dry and wet areas. In stage one, we are launching three different 230 V models. 

Wallflex 500 med EB-Therm 500 i vardagsrum vid fönster, fokus termostat

Why WiFi Ready?

EB-Connect WiFi is the accessory that makes it possible to convert the electric convector into a connected device. It is sold as a separate accessory and can easily be mounted in the display section, either now or in the future. Using our own Ebeco Connect app, all the electric convectors menus and settings can be accessed and provide a good overview. 

About Ebeco

Ebeco is one of Europe’s leading companies within electric underfloor heating, frost protection and other electric heating solutions for properties and industry. The head office and warehouse are located in Gothenburg. Internationally, the company is represented through its own subsidiaries in Norway and Finland. Ebeco is a family-owned company that focuses on innovation and long-term growth.