A new underfloor heating cable for comfort heating

As stricter demands are placed on lower energy consumption, there are also higher demands on us as manufacturers to provide solutions that enable underfloor heating to meet these requirements. Ebeco is pleased to present Cableflex 6 – a heating cable specially designed for comfort underfloor heating.

Cableflex 6 i badrum för komfortgolvvärme

M2 rated underfloor heating cable

The best solution for good and even heat distribution in the floor is to lay a heating cable with the correct power output per running meter. Increasing the C/C distance of a heating cable with a higher power output per running meter can lead to a poorer result with heat-striped floors, which does not create the same feeling of comfort. That's why we at Ebeco have now developed Cableflex 6 for comfort underfloor heating.  

All cables in the Cableflex series are M2 rated, i.e. approved for both screeding and embedding.

EB-Therm 500 på vägg i miljö

Control with maximum limit & time control

Cableflex 6 can be combined with EB-Therm 500. This thermostat contains a program for comfort underfloor heating with a built-in maximum limit and it also enables time control of the underfloor heating. The combination of these two functions gives the most effective way to save energy while maintaining the comfort of a warm floor.

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Cableflex 6 montering med Cableclip 4 på nät

Quick installation with Cable Clip

The Cable Clip 4 accessory is also ideal for Cableflex 6 when laying on mesh. This cable clamp is a smart solution for a quick and smooth installation. The Cable Clip is fastened with a simple click on the mesh and then the heating cable is mounted directly into the clamp. A quick and easy solution that saves both time and knees!

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Badrum med tvålar och handfat

Read about the independent study: “Comfort underfloor heating - system solutions for improved energy performance”

An independent study initiated by HSB and PEAB has investigated the possibilities of meeting current and future energy requirements and at the same time installing and using comfort underfloor heating in an optimal way. The study was conducted by Bengt Dahlgrens AB and funded by SBUF, Svenska Byggbranschens Utvecklingsfond (Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry). 

The study has resulted in four recommendations to help increase energy efficiency for comfort underfloor heating.

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