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Innovative functions in Ebeco's new thermostat


The new EB-Therm 400 floor heating thermostat has been launched, with the focus on the user. The thermostat is easy to install and manage and offers the user a clear and well thought-out interface. The number of individually adjustable energy saving programmes and the range of innovative functions make this a powerful thermostat with many possibilities.

EB-Therm 400 is a digital floor heating thermostat with a colour display. The thermostat is intuitive and easy to navigate and has a menu structure with clear icons for the convenience of both fitter and user. EB-Therm 400 is compatible with most sensors on the market and is equally suitable for new builds, renovations and extensions.

Full focus on the experience
– EB-Therm 400 is a completely new product in our thermostat family that has been developed in the spirit of Ebeco's motto - the electrical fitter’s best friend. The idea of the clear start-up guide is that the person who installs the thermostat never needs to open the manual. The menu structure is simple to understand and suits everyone, says Peter Gustavsson, product manager at Ebeco.

Smart functions in a versatile thermostat
Because of the many requirements that exist for the energy consumption of electrical products, we have filled the EB-Therm 400 with energy saving functions. The user can clearly see energy consumption per year, month or day. 

– Calling the thermostat smart is perhaps an exaggeration, but considering its range of innovative functions we believe we have come close. As well as the individually adjustable energy saving programmes, there are other smart features like an advanced timer, remote control, year clock and hotel programme. You can even customise the thermostat for public areas, where you wish to lock functions as much as possible. And that's really smart, says Peter Gustavsson. 

EB-Therm 400 can be purchased as a thermostat alone or as part of our underfloor heating kits from January 2018.

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Thermostate updates and brand new packaging


We have recently updated our floor heating thermostats EB-Therm 55, EB-Therm 205 and EB-Therm 355 with several new features:

  • front cover for Schneider Exxact. There is also front cover for ELKO Plus/RS included in the box
  • a softer, more flexible and more easily pealed sensor cable
  • a complete packaging redesign 
And from now on the updated thermostats will also be shipped in our floor heating kits.
Contact us at +46 (0) 31-707 75 50 if you have any questions about our thermostats. 


New complete solution for frost protection!


The self-regulating heating cable Ebeco F-10 and its accessories have become even hotter. The cable has got a tested aluminium screen which is a snap to install while being robust. The entire solution is also drinking water approved.

A snap to install
Cut and cross the cable for perfect fitting to the pipe without the risk of overheating. No cold cable is needed and the aluminium screen is scaled easily.

No "hot work”
With the complete Silicon Connection/ Disconnection Set, no heat gun is needed to fit the cable.

Drinking water approved
F-10 and its accessories are drinking water approved and thus suitable for installation inside drinking water and food pipes.

Fully customized cable glands
F-10 has received a new gland with an oval gasket that is perfectly adapted to the form of the cable. This makes the solution both firm and safe. 

View product here Ebeco F-10