• Ebisol

One of the market's most effective insulating materials, for use with wooden floors with or without underfloor heating.

Ebisol insulating boards give the same insulation as 24 mm pine, 100 mm brick or 360 mm normal concrete, but are only 6 millimetres thick!

Save energy

The special cellular structure means that the insulation does not conduct heat, but instead reflects it back towards the floor surface so that it can be made use of. The energy is used more effectively, and energy consumption is reduced. For this reason the Ebeco Foil Kit underfloor heating system is always installed with Ebisol.

Even without underfloor heating

Ebisol has a number of great advantages that you can benefit from even if you do not install underfloor heating. The insulation adds minimal height, only 3 mm or 6 mm. It effectively protects against moisture and cold and is water repellent; it does not rot or grow mould. It also has a footstep and impact noise damping effect, which makes a wooden floor quieter and better to walk on.

Remember to always remove old plastic matting before installing Ebisol.

Technical information
Dimensions 500 x 1200 x 3 or 6 mm / 0,60 m²
Material type Extruded polystyrene
Thermal conductivity 0.028 W/mK
Load resistance 3 mm 5 ton/m², 6 mm 6 ton/m²
Melting point >100°C
Flash point >355°C
Max. continuous temp 70°C
Water repellent 100 %
Solubility High resistance to acids and bases. Soluble in organic solvents.
Environment Contains no freon. Free of brominated flame retardants.
Footstep noise damping (Δl'w) 3 mm: +16 dB, 6 mm: +17 dB (DIN 52210)
Floor type Note! Remove any plastic matting before laying.

Item number





Number of boards/frp

Total area/pk

8960170 1200 mm 500 mm 3 mm 0.60 m² 10 pcs 6 m²
8960172 1200 mm 500 mm 6 mm 0.60 m² 10 pcs 6 m²
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