• Renova

Renova is western Sweden's leading company in waste management and recycling. The power and heating plant in Sävenäs turns Göteborg's rubbish into heat and electricity. With Ebeco's help, Renova has succeeded in preventing problems with the build-up of ash and condensation.

Renova collects and uses waste in the best and most environmentally-friendly way. What cannot be recycled or turned into biogas is converted into electricity and heat in Sävenäs. The plant in Sävenäs accounts for approximately 30 per cent of the district heating and 5 per cent of the electricity used in the Göteborg area.

Renova's challenge

Some of the waste is incinerated to recover energy. The ash created in this process is collected in so-called ash silos. When the ash falls into the silo it is very hot and if condensation forms inside the silo the ash can attach to the sides and clog the silo. To solve the condensation and clogging problem, Renova got in touch with Ebeco.


Ebeco Industri solved the problem

The solution was to place a heating cable inside the silo, which is used when necessary to provide heat to remove condensation.. Ebeco used a mineral insulated cable which can provide great heat and can itself withstand very high temperatures. The ash that falls into the silo in normal operation can be up to 500°C, a temperature level that ordinary heating cables cannot survive. For this reason, a heating cable designed for industrial purposes is used.

Our mineral insulated heating cables have been designed for the toughest industrial applications. They are long lasting and can tolerate extreme temperatures.