The oil, gas and asphalt industry

  • The oil, gas and asphalt industry

Out in the oil port at Hisingen you can find Gunnar Allered El AB, which mainly works on installation of heating solutions for industry. Gunnar Allered, who founded the company, has had his workshop here since the company started in1977. Gunnar has been working with Ebeco from the beginning.

Specialists in industry

Gunnar's company now employs six people and has some large customers, including Stena Oil, Odec and STS. Gunnar and his team specialise in installing heating solutions for industrial purposes. This is largely about maintaining even temperatures in energy sources such as oil, gas, asphalt and other heat sensitive substances and materials.

By working closely with Ebeco we can take on complex and varied jobs. Many jobs are in explosion-classified areas, which means particular requirements for safety and quality, explains Gunnar.

With Ebeco it feels safe

Anders Grundin, an electrical fitter at Gunnar Allered EL AB, thinks that working with Ebeco feels exceptionally simple and safe. Anders explains that the long-standing collaboration with Ebeco is the result of Ebeco's technical know-how, quality and loyalty.

– A high level of technical competence, exact calculations and understanding of the processes are extremely important in these jobs, to be able to deliver a quality-assured and effective system. We get all this from Ebeco. We do everything to guarantee a problem free installation, says Anders, who concludes by looking forward to continuing to work well with Ebeco.