Munich airport

  • Munich airport

An airport is like a well-oiled machine, with strict schedules and small margins. To be able to maintain high standards of both punctuality and customer satisfaction and thus maintain its status as Europe's best airport, Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß chose to work with Ebeco.

The Munich climate is exposed to both rain and snow in quantity, which is a particular problem for the airport departure gates. When snow and ice accumulate, both electronic and mechanical parts can be damaged. The drainage channels are therefore a critical point in gate design. The drainage channels must be kept open so that snow and ice can be cleared without blocking them. That is why Munich airport chose to install one of Ebeco's heating cables.

Ebeco's frost protection cables in very low temperatures

The cable installed is ELSR-N and the specification of requirements stated that the cable should be capable of melting ice and snow in temperatures down to minus 25 degrees. Traditional frost protection cables are not powerful enough for this task, and therefore Ebeco's industrial range of cables that manage both higher temperatures and tougher certification requirements offered a suitable alternative. Apart from the temperature and certification requirements, there were strict requirements for flexibility and sensitivity so that movements and loose parts in the gate would not damage the cable.

A more environmentally-friendly alternative

All parts of the airport operation have stringent requirements. This is clearly shown by the fact that the airport's fleet of 12 metre long snow blowing machines is sent out to clear the runways if more than 3 millimetres of snow falls. The airport considers health and the environment and chooses mechanical alternatives instead of chemicals for clearing ice and snow.