• Gardermoen

Over 20 million passengers a year pass through Oslo's Gardermoen airport, the biggest airport in Norway. They keep a careful eye on punctuality and minimising the number of cancelled flights It is therefore important that all links in the chain function perfectly. In 2014, an average of 99 per cent of planned flights operated with 90 per cent punctuality.

Heating cable for moving parts

Cold, snow and ice are common problems for air traffic. But it is not only the aircraft and runways that are important parts, but also the gates and embarkation ramps that dock with the aircraft. The gates have many moving parts and these must be kept free of ice if they are to work correctly.

Cables with the highest output for the toughest conditions

The conditions meant tough requirements for the heating cables. Among other things, they would have to heat the poorly insulated and plexiglass-clad ramp to at least 5 degrees, even in ambient temperatures down to minus 35 degrees. A high output was therefore a must and Gardermoen turned to Ebeco's industrial range to find cables capable of giving the highest output in the toughest conditions.

The final choice was ELKM-AG-L, which is a series resistive cable with flexible applications that can be heated up to 260 degrees. This is a flexible cable that is useful in tight spaces and for applications that demand sensitive installation, such as fluid tanks. It is insulated with a PTFE and can be installed in places with a risk of corrosion damage.