• Thermoflex 120

Thermoflex 120 is durable and reliable underfloor heating on self-adhesive heating cable mat. Underfloor heating is used on open, regular surfaces with few obstacles in both dry and wet areas. Control your underfloor heating easily with our EB-Therm range of thermostats.

Underfloor heating on self-adhesive mesh
The heating cable is a series resistive, screened 2 conductor, mounted on a self-adhesive, alkali resistant, fibreglass mesh. Outer casing and connecting cable in halogen-free design. With the fixed c/c dimension, the solution is quality assured. The mat is simple to install as it is rolled out and fixed in one step. The length and angle of Thermoflex 120 can be cut to fit the floor surface perfectly. Build height is low - only 4 mm.

Thermoflex 120 can be used for open, regular surfaces of floor tile or natural stone. The heating mat is laid in a thin layer of filler on top of the existing floor structure of concrete, plaster or chipboard. Underfloor heating can then easily be controlled with a thermostat.

Control underfloor heating easily with EB-Therm

Thermoflex 120 does not include a thermostat. We can warmly recommend our EB-Therm range of thermostats for controlling underfloor heating. With EB-Therm 205, EB-Therm 500 or EB-Therm 800, you have all the possibilities of a really energy-smart system. All Ebeco's underfloor heating thermostats are digital and guarantee a minimum of temperature fluctuations.

Insulate more
For an energy efficient system, we recommend installing the Thermoflex 120 together with our Thermo Board insulation. This flexible insulation board can be used on almost all substrates and structures. It provides a rapid system and prevents downward heat loss.

Technical information


Concrete, plasterboard or chipboard

Floor material

Floor tiles, natural stone

Room type

Wet room, dry room

Cable c/c-distance - prefitted

10 cm

Cable diameter

ca 4 mm

Connection cable

3 m

Cable type

2-wire with shielding


Alkaline resistant fibreglass mesh


120 W/m²

Recommended installation temp.

 Lower temperature than +18 °C reduces the mesh adhesiveness

Connection voltage 230 V




Thermoflex 120


Total output

Output per m²




8960579 150 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 2,5 m 1,25 m²
8960580 200 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 3,4 m 1,7 m²
8960582 250 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 4,2 m 2,1 m²
8960584 340 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 5,4 m 2,7 m²
8960585 410 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 6,8 m 3,4 m²
8960586 480 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 7,8 m 3,9 m²
8960588 530 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 8,8 m 4,4 m²
8960590 640 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 10,8 m 5,4 m²
8960592 780 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 13,2 m 6,6 m²
8960594 940 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 15,8 m 7,9 m²
8960595 1170 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 19,2 m 9,6 m²
8960596 1380 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 23 m 11,5 m²


1700 W 120 W/m² 0,5 m 28 m 14 m²

We give a 12 year basic guarantee on everything included in the underfloor heating pack. Also applies to Ebeco's insulating boards that are installed in combination with the underfloor heating. Our guarantee covers 100% of the attendant costs of any damage.

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product warranty for supplied thermostats.

We also give you the opportunity to extend the warranty period for the underfloor heating to 25 years if you register on our form. The warranty on the thermostat remains at 12 years however. All terms and conditions may be found in the warranty certificate.

  • EB-Therm 500

    EB-Therm 500

    EB-Therm 500 is a completely new WiFi-ready thermostat. The underfloor heating system can easily be controlled with the Ebeco Connect app using the EB-Connect WiFi accessory.

    Item number Name Dimensions
    8581603 EB-Therm 500 87 x 87 x 39 mm
  • EB-Therm 205

    Simple and energy-smart thermostat with two built-in energy saving programmes. Popular model with a neat design.

    Item number



    8581608 EB-Therm 205 87x87x40 mm
  • EB-Therm 800

    EB-Therm 800
    Unique DIN-mounted thermostat that allows you to choose between four different operating modes.
    Item number Name Dimensions
    8581610 EB-Therm 800 90x35x70 mm
  • Spiral tube

    Spiral tube
    Spiral tube for thermostat sensor cable. End connection ensures that fixing and sealing compounds cannot enter. Ebeco Adapter (E 89 605 51), which makes it easier to handle the transition between box and spiral tube when installing a thermostat, is not included.
    Item number Name Length DI DY
    8960541 Spiral tube for thermostat sensor 2.5 m 7.5mm 10.0mm
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