Advantages of underfloor heating

  • Advantages of underfloor heating

Obviously, you already know that it feels good to put your feet down onto a warm floor. But did you know that underfloor heating is a heat source with many other beautiful advantages? If your feet are warm, your whole body feels good. For us humans, the best heat distribution is having warm feet and a cool head. We feel best at 18-20 degrees at head height and 23-24 degrees at our feet. You only get this heat distribution with underfloor heating.

Advantages of underfloor heating

With the right heat distribution you can also lower the temperature a few degrees while still keeping a pleasant climate, because the heat is in the right place. A temperature a few degrees lower means a real saving in energy consumption. Read more about underfloor heating and energy consumption.

Clean heat

With underfloor heating there are no ugly, dust-collecting radiators and pipes.. You can furnish exactly as you wish, without worrying about the sofa blocking off a radiator. It is also a heating system that you can't hear.

Radiators are usually below a window, partly to counteract cold. Since heat rises, there is a circulatory effect that makes it warmest under the ceiling and coldest on the floor. With underfloor heating, you get the warmth at your feet and distributed across a large floor area. This also means even heat distribution in the room.

Comfortable heat

Underfloor heating is a low temperature system. The temperature of the floor surface is very low compared with a radiator, for example. But the area is bigger. This means that the room is still comfortably warm and there is no hot or burnt air.

Hygienic and practical

Because the air circulates less there are fewer dust particles whirling around. You get a better indoor environment, which is especially important for those with allergies. A warm floor is also a dry floor. And above all - a dry floor is no place for mites or other allergenic organisms.

A heated floor is practical in the hallway, where you often come in with wet shoes, boots and umbrellas. In the bathroom it is very good to have a floor that dries up quickly after you have showered.