• Cable Clip
  • Cable Clip

Cable clip is a quick and simple solution that helps you install our Cable Kit and Cableflex floor heating cables. Used on reinforcing mesh 2,5 mm.

In rooms where underfloor heating cables will be installed on reinforcing mesh the Cable Clip is the perfect accessorie. With a simple click the clip is fastened on the reinforcing mesh. The cable is then easily attaced to the clip. The Cable Clip is simple to use and will save you both time, money and knee pain when you install the underfloor heating cable.

Cable Clip is made for reinforcing mesh that is 2,5 mm thick and can be used for our Cable Kit and Cableflex heating cables (Ø 4 mm). One box is enough to cover circa. 4 m².

Item number Quantity Enough for
8960958 250 pcs circa 4 m²
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