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Ebeco heating mat is used for quickly and simple thawing and performing warm work in many areas. It has been developed for the toughest requirements and environments. Since it is equipped with an earthed plug, it is easy to connect and flexible to move around.

Ebeco's heating mats have been developed for two different applications: a thawing mat designed for thawing and maintaining heat and the Multimat for comfort and safety for those who work outdoors. The applications are many, only imagination could limit the needs that can be covered.

The commonest applications for thawing mats are for thawing ground, sand, water pipes, waste pipes, feed in silos or silage balls. Heat maintenance in electrical and telecom cables, machinery and for bricklaying work. There is even a specially designed mat for well drilling with a hole in the centre for the feed pipe.

Multimat is a robust heating mat for heating of work surfaces during the winter months. Its durable rubber surface provides both grip and heating which makes it ideal to work on during the winter. It melts snow and makes working outdoors in sub-zero weather pleasant.