WiFi Ready - the solution for your smart home

Install EB-Therm 500 as the simple and smart thermostat it is. Or choose to add the EB-Connect WiFi accessory and turn it into a connected thermostat with even better overview, energy optimisation and control. Choice is the new feature.

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Easy installation for the user

We have developed the concept, WiFi Ready, to allow the user to choose when, and if, the thermostat should be connected to WiFi by installing the EB-Connect WiFi accessory. It is easy to mount in the thermostat as it can be done without accessing the live parts.

Once mounted and installed, you control the thermostat using the Ebeco Connect app - as part of the smart home.

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Products marked with the symbol are WiFi Ready.

Extra app features

The Ebeco Connect app offers more features than if you control the thermostat in the traditional way. The underfloor heating thermostat EB-Therm 500 has a weekly calendar where settings are made for the underfloor heating during the days of the week. The app has a yearly calendar that allows you to add a master schedule for the whole year so that all thermostats in the property are controlled in the same way.

You can be made aware if something unforeseen happens to the underfloor heating system by push notifications or e-mail. This is easily set up when you install the app.

Optimum comfort in the cottage

Perhaps you are on your way to your summer cottage or mountain cabin? With Ebeco Connect, you can turn on the underfloor heating remotely and be welcomed by warm and comfortable floors when you arrive. You only have to make sure that the thermostats are connected to the cabin's WiFi.

Google Home Assistent

Thanks to Google Home Assistant support, you can control a range of connected devices in your home with just a simple voice command. You also get the ability to control all applicable settings.

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This is how WiFi Ready works

How to connect EB-Therm 500 to WiFi

Guide Wifi Ready EB Connect

1. Supplement with WiFi module

Supplement with the EB-Connect WiFi accessory, which can be purchased from our retailers.

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2. Install

Install the WiFi module in the EB-Therm 500 thermostat.

Guide Wifi Ready EB Therm 500 termostat

3. Connect

Connect the thermostat to the network via the instructions in the display.

Guide Wifi Ready Ebeco Connect

4. Download the app

Download the Ebeco Connect app from the App Store or Google Play to either control EB-Therm 500 via the app or use Ebeco's open API.

More possibilities with an open API

Are you looking for a way to control your underfloor heating system in your own smart home solution? Here is access to our open REST API. This service has been made available because we would like to give you the opportunity to develop your own smart solution. 

Anyone can use Ebeco's open API. The only thing we require of you is that you give Ebeco as the source and that you do not use the API to propagate malware. 

Here's how you use our open API:

  • Install the EB-Connect WiFi module into the EB-Therm 500
  • Select network and enter the password for your network in the thermostat
  • Download Ebeco Connect from the App Store or Google Play
  • Follow the instructions in the app to create an account

Instructions for open API