Smarta Tak - heating solution for gutters and downpipes

Heating is a good solution for many types of cold weather problems. For example, snow in gutters and downpipes. Snow turns into ice and causes frost erosion in buildings. Or forms icicles that can detach and lead to significantly worse damage. With a heating solution in gutters and downpipes, snow melts away before it can cause problems.

Smarta Tak - Lösningar för snösmältning i stuprör och hängrännor

Smarta Tak - Snow melting installations

A snow melting installation has heating cables, smart control and accessories to prevent the build up of ice and melt snow. The purpose is to keep open a water drain-off channel, to prevent the water freezing before reaching a frost-free zone. Snow melting installations are needed on most roofs.

All roofs are different, so we adapt the system for each installation. The control is also adapted to the needs of each system. We have smart systems that take into account both temperature and moisture. The heating is only brought in when there is a risk of ice forming. This makes the snow melting system both energy-efficient and economical.

When developing Smarta Tak we took into account the needs of those who install our roof heating solutions. It should be quick, easy and safe to install Smarta Tak.

Are you a property owner or do you represent a housing cooperative?

Require assistance with planning, quotations and installation of Smarta Tak? Our support service will be happy to help! 

As a property owner or housing cooperative representative, it is your responsibility to prevent snow from sliding off your roof. This entails both monitoring the risk and taking away the ice and snow that could be a danger. Any property owner/housing cooperative representative that fails to do this could be subject to criminal charges or a case for damages.

Components of a Smarta Tak system

T-18 heating cable's self-adjusting properties make it easy to lay and install.
The cable is simply laid out and secured in place with Smartclip or bonded to the gutter. T-18  is supplied in running metres and is metre marked to facilitate the calculation of part lengths. T-18 CT should be used for felt and asphalt roofs. T-18 and T-18 CT are PVC-free and RoHS-approved, which means they contain no environmentally harmful substances. The built-in UV protection means they are resistant to sunshine.

A capacitive humidity sensor that is used to improve the energy efficiency of the roof installation. It is only activated when needed, which minimises operation time and saves you energy. The humidity sensor is an accessory for use with the EB-Therm 800.

Smartlock makes installation quick and easy. It splices and branches the heating cable, T-18, both heating to heating cable (Smartlock S) and heating to connection cable (Smartlock P).

Smartclip makes installing heating cable quick and easy. No glue is required and you can work regardless of the weather. The cable can be easily moved when cleaning the gutter and can be quickly removed if necessary. Available for eaves (Smartclip F) and for gutters (Smartclip H), for discharge openings (Smartclip U) and Smartclip T for ridge/transition between gutter and downpipe.

EB-Therm 800 is a unique DIN-mounted thermostat that allows you to choose between four different operating modes; Max/Min; Heating; Refrigeration and Industry. We have produced the thermostat focusing fully on you as a user, which you will notice in the simplicity of everything from installation to menu navigation and settings.

We have complete electrical enclosures containing control, fuses, residual current device (RCD)s and a main circuit breaker - everything needed for a smart, economical and safe snow melting system. Contact Ebeco for help with the best solution.