Frostvakt 10 ®

  • Frostvakt 10®
  • Frostvakt 10®
  • Frostvakt 10®
  • Frostvakt 10®

Ebeco Frostvakt 10 is a simple way to prevent damage and leaks caused by frost-shattered pipes and water conduits.


Frostvakt is a mobile heating cable with a ready-fitted plug that can easily be connected to an earthed wall socket via an earth fault breaker. Common applications include sewage pipes, water pipes and water meters in, for example, summerhouses, garages, greenhouses, caravans or boats.

Frostskydd rör värmekabel

Intelligent heating cable

The heating cable cannot overheat because it is self-adjusting. And it can be crossed to fit the pipe perfectly. It is parallel resistive, which means that the self-adjusting heating cable consists of two parallel wires embedded in a semiconductor material that adapts its output according to the ambient temperature. Even though it may above zero outside and the frost prevention effect is not needed, the heating cable will still be turned on. To turn it off completely, you must pull out the plug or use Frostvakt Control, which turns the cable off in temperatures above freezing point. For longer cables and internal use, control with a thermostat is always recommended.

Inside or outside

The Frostvakt cable is free of PVC and highly suitable or drinking water pipes. The supplementary set is used for internal fitting. Maximum connection length for internal fitting is 60 m. Frostvakt 10 is designed for cold water pipes.


Fitted internally, Frostvakt can protect against frost down to -30°C. If the output need is great, the pipe can be insulated. Frostvakt is available in finished lengths of 2-100 m. The cable is also sold by the metre.



Technical information
DIMENSIONS 7.3x5.3 mm
OUTPUT 10 W/m at + 5°c when fitted to metal pipe
MAX LENGTH AT 10A 100 m fitted outside
60 m fitted inside
Item number Name Output RSK number
8960422 Frostvakt 2 m 20 W 2404860
8960424 Frostvakt 4 m 40 W 2404861
8960426 Frostvakt 6 m 60 W 2404862
8960428 Frostvakt 8 m 80 W 2404863
8960430 Frostvakt 10 m 100 W 2404864
8960433 Frostvakt 13 m 130 W 2404865
8960436 Frostvakt 16 m 160 W 2404866
8960439 Frostvakt 19 m 190 W 2404867
8960442 Frostvakt 22 m 220 W 2404868
8960445 Frostvakt 25 m 250 W 2404869
8960446 Frostvakt 30 m 300 W 2404996
8960447 Frostvakt 35 m 350 W 2404997
8960448 Frostvakt 40 m 400 W 2404998
8960450 Frostvakt 50 m 500 W 2404999
8960452 Frostvakt 60 m 600 W 2405000
8960454 Frostvakt 80 m 800 W 2405001
8960456 Frostvakt 100 m 1000 W 2405002
  • Supplementary set F-10

    Additions kit F-10
    Used with internal fitting of Ebeco F-10 and has oval packing specially designed for the cable's shape, which means that the screw fitting has a safe, tight seal. Drinking water approved. Thread R15/R20.
    Item number Name
    8960410 Supplementary set F-10
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