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F-10 is a smart, self-adjusting heating cable that recognises the ambient temperature and adjusts output accordingly. Because the heating cable looks after itself, you always have even heat distribution and controlled consumption. F-10 also has tried and tested aluminium shielding that makes this cable robust but really easy to install.

It is parallel resistive, which means that the self-adjusting heating cable consists of two parallel wires embedded in a semiconductor material that adapts its output according to the ambient temperature. Even though it may above zero outside and the frost prevention effect is not needed, the heating cable will still be turned on. To shut it off completely, you must fit a thermostat, such as EB-Therm 800. F-10 can be used either inside or outside for water and sewage pipes. 

Very easy to install

Because it is self-adjusting, the cable can easily be cut and crossed to fit the pipe perfectly without risk of overheating. No cold cable is needed. The aluminium shielding also makes the cable very easy to strip and install, but also robust. An earth fault breaker must be used with all heating cable designs.

Drinking-water-approved heating solution

F-10 and its accessories are suitable for installation inside drinking water pipes. This is because they are approved for drinking water use in KTW and NSF/ANSI Standard 61. This means that F-10 and its accessories create a drinking-water-approved heating system whose parts are designed to work perfectly together. 

Smart accessories make the job even easier

With the complete and drinking-water-approved Silicon Connection/disconnection set, no heat gun is needed to fit the cable. Glue is used instead, which means there is no so-called "hot work". Another smart accessory is the Supplementary set F-10, which, as well as being approved for drinking water, also has oval packing that suits the shape of the cable perfectly. This means that the screw fitting has a safe, tight seal.

Copes with the toughest conditions

F-10 has been developed to cope with the coldest winters. The heating cable protects:

  • Fitted inside, a 32 mm uninsulated plastic pipe right down to -30°C.
  • Fitted outside, a 32 mm plastic or metal pipe with 20 mm insulation, -20°C.
  • The effect can be enhanced even further by fitting the cable double or in a spiral.


Examples of applications:


  • Water pipe
  • Sewage pipe
  • Drainpipes
  • Wells

Technical information
DIMENSIONS 7,0 x 4,6 mm

230 V

OUTPUT 10 W/m at + 10 °C when fitted to metal pipe
MAX LENGTH AT 10A 100 m fitted outside
  60 m fitted inside
APPROVAL CE,  drinking-water-approved in accordance with KTW and NSF/ANSI Standard 61.
Item number Name Unit
8960460 F-10 Frost protection cable linear metre

Ebeco AB provides a 10-year product warranty covering material faults with our frost protection cables/heating cable mats/heating cables
made for outdoor use including accessories included in the installation.

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product warranty for supplied thermostats.

General delivery terms is found here.

  • Silicone connection/end kit

    Silicone Connection/end kit
    With the complete Silicon Connection/disconnection set, no heat gun is needed to fit the cable. Glue is used instead, which means there is no "hot work". Heating cable sign included.
    Item number Name
    8960419 Silicone connection/end kit
  • Supplementary set F-10

    Additions kit F-10
    Used with internal fitting of Ebeco F-10 and has oval packing specially designed for the cable's shape, which means that the screw fitting has a safe, tight seal. Drinking water approved. Thread R15/R20.
    Item number Name
    8960410 Supplementary set F-10
  • Joining set

    Complete set for joining Ebeco T-18/T-18 CT/F-10.
    Item number Name RSK number
    8960412 Joining set 2405007
  • T connection

    T connection
    Used for interior installation of Ebeco F-10. Suitable for E 89 604 10.
    Item number Name RSK number
    8960416 T connection 25 mm/R15 2405010
    8960417 T connection 32 mm/R15 2405011
    8960418 T connection 40 mm/R15 2405012
  • Y connection

    Y connection
    Y connection with PEM connections of brass for internal laying of heating cable in water pipe for example. Comes with pressure tab and gasket for F-10/Frost guard 10. Used with PEM pipe of 25 mm or 32 mm diameter.
    Item Number Description RSK no.
    8960420 Y connection Ø 25 mm 2304372
    8960421 Y connection Ø 32 mm 2304373


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