Frost protection for base slab

  • Frost protection for base slab

This durable heating cable for the base slab protects against expensive and time-consuming frost heave during the construction phase.

It is easily installed in the sand layer on the bottom of the trench and is engaged when frost threatens. The low output per square metre also gives low operating costs.

Technical information
Cable type series-resistant
Cold cable length 2 m
Connection voltage 400/230 V
Lowest installation temp. -10°C
Smallest bend radius 50 mm
Output 16 W/m
Connection device CEE/Plug
Approval CE
Item number Length Output Voltage Connection device
8960488 235 m 4000 W 400 V CEE
8960489 135 m 2200 W 230 V Plug
  • Ebeco Cable Guard

    Ebeco Cable Guard
    Cable Guard is used during the entire installation process with all types of heating cables and for any repairs. Cable Guard warns if the cable is broken or there is a short-circuit to earth.
    Item number Name
    4200018 Ebeco Cable Guard


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