BHS is a heating cable for curing and drying concrete, as well as heating. The system speeds up concrete curing and enables faster formwork dismantling. The heating cable, which is fixed to the reinforcement, can be reconnected at a later stage for effective drying or heating.

Quick and simple

The heating cable is specially designed for curing concrete and has a connecting cable fitted. The heating cable is of the two-conductor type, which makes it simple and quick to lay. It has only one connecting cable. 

Technical information
Cable type series-resistant
Cold cable length 2 m
Connection voltage 230 V
Lowest installation temp. -10°C
Smallest bend radius 50 mm
Output 40 W/m
Connection device CEE/Plug
Approval CE


Approximate output requirement BHS


75 W/m²

c/c 50 cm

100 W/m²

c/c 38 cm

150 W/m²

c/c 25 cm

200 W/m²

c/c 20 cm

Plyfa (12 mm) + 50 mm cellular plastic -7 °C   -15 °C  
Steel + 50 mm cellular plastic   -7 °C   -15 °C
Steel, poorly insulated / Plyfa (12 mm), uninsulated       -10 °C
Steel, uninsulated       -7 °C
Concrete plate (200 mm concrete/300 mm insulation)   -7 °C *   -15 °C

* In combination with a 10 mm concrete covering, the effect can be reduced by up to 50 % (50 W/m², c/c 76 cm).


Item number Length Output Connection device
8960490 85 m 3500 W CEE-device
8960496 85 m 3500 W Plug
8960491 55 m 2200 W Plug
8960492 35 m 1400 W CEE-device
8960493 35 m 1400 W Plug
8960494 20 m 735 W Plug
8960495 10 m 380 W Plug
8960497 3.3 m 130 W Plug
  • BHS Central

    BHS Central
    Thermo-controlled junction box for connecting concrete curing cables.
    Item number Name
    2466233 BHS Centre
  • BHS Series connection adapter

    BHS Series connection adapter
    Simplifies the process of daisy chaining BHS cables. Only serial connection of two BHS cables of equal length. Series connection gives 25 % of the total output.
    2403033 BHS Series connection adapter
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