Our sustainability work

Hållbarhetsarbete - Solceller på tak


We carry out systematic work to reduce the environmental impact of our products from a lifecycle perspective (from development, manufacturing and use to recycling). We employ a process-oriented approach, which we have established within the framework of our environmental management system (ISO 14001). Our business complies with the directives, laws and regulations that apply within our business area. We also work proactively to ensure that we are always prepared for new updates. 

Our products consist of various raw materials, such as plastics and metals. This means that our environmental impact largely depends on our choice of raw materials. We work proactively to choose materials that are as sustainable as possible, taking hazardous properties, recyclability as well as climate footprint into consideration. We also commission third-party assessments (SundaHus, Byggvarubedömningen and Nordic Swan), which help us to contribute to the national environmental objective of A Non-Toxic Environment. 

Ethics and human rights

Among other things, the production of electronic products requires metal raw materials. We therefore carry out detailed supplier assessments to ensure that the metals are extracted in a way that is not contrary to the principle of human rights. Ebeco does not accept the use of conflict minerals (3TG) in the production of our products. This is to avoid providing finance and support for the unethical extraction, transport and trade by armed groups in conflict-affected areas.  


Quality is achieved by compliance with requirements and expectations, both legal and those of the customer. We maintain good quality through the process-oriented approach that we have established as part of our quality management system (ISO 14001). In summary, this means that we must deliver products that live up to the customer's expectations, in accordance with agreed delivery terms and that do not contravene current regulations. We exercise good quality control in our production to ensure that the product fulfils its purpose and so avoid customer complaints. We also have clear procedures in place for our ordering process to ensure that the products are delivered in accordance with the agreed delivery terms.

Energy Saver leads you right

Our heating solutions not only give you the opportunity for efficient heating. They also provide a good chance for reduced energy costs. To make it easy for the customer to choose energy-saving options, we have created the Energy Saver-symbolen. The symbol can be found on all products that we can recommend if you want to shop smarter.

ISO certified

We are ISO certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.