EB-Therm 355 ®

  • EB-Therm 355®
  • EB-Therm 355®
  • EB-Therm 355®
  • EB-Therm 355®

Underfloor heating thermostat with a large, clear LCD display. EB-Therm 355 suits those who expect the best energy efficiency and want to be able to adapt the heating to their own needs.

EB-Therm has four different energy saving programmes. They are based on a smart and simple principle: make sure it is only warm when you need it. To make things easier for you, our thermostat can control itself.

For example it canautomatically lower the heating when you are at work or sleeping and then make sure it is warm again when needed. All you need to remember is to start the programme. Choose between:

Home environment Lower by 5°C Mon-Fri 08:30-15:00, Mon-Sun 23:00-05:00
Office environment Lower by 5°C at all times except Mon-Fri 06:00-18:00
Personal settings Tailor-made heating. You set up to four times for each day and state the temperature required for these. You do not need to allow for warming up time because the adaptive function automatically adjusts the heating to reach the desired temperature at the right time.
Frost protection If you will be away from home for some time, or to protect empty premises. Set in a value between 5 and 15 °C and the thermostat will maintain it.

Microprocessor controlled

All our thermostats are digital and microprocessor controlled. This technology means that the thermostat collects data from the time it is started up and uses this to calculate when to turn on and off. This keeps temperature fluctuations to a minimum, which gives an even heat and lower energy consumption. The temperature in the floor fluctuates less than +/- 0.3 °C.

Keep track of consumption

With EB-Therm 355 you can keep track of energy consumption by reading off the connection time This is given as a percentage in the last 24 hours, week, month and year. If you know the output of the installation, you can calculate energy consumption* and get the actual operating cost. *Energy consumption (kWh) = Installed output (kW) x Connection time (h)

Exact adjustment

The thermostat can regulate the temperature in three different ways: as a floor thermostat, room thermostat or a combination of the two. There is adjustable overheating protection that makes it suitable even for wooden floors, for example, which should not exceed 27°C. You can also use EB-Therm 355 to control underfloor heating for all types of floor, even sensitive materials. The automatic ventilation function cuts of the heat for 15 minutes if the temperature falls more than three degrees in a minute.

LCD display

The LCD display has background lighting that is activated when a button is pushed. The display shows set temperature, actual temperature, day, time, date, programme being run and which sensor is connected. The LED indicator shows whether the heating cable is on or off or if there is a fault in the system. Display contrast and indicator intensity are adjustable.

Technical information

The pack includes: front and frame suitable for Schneider Exxact, front for ELKO Plus/RS and floor sensor 3 m.

Connection voltage 230 VAC-50Hz
Air temperature range 5-37°C
Floor temperature range 5-37°C
Temperature limiter 5-45°C
Circuit-breaking capacity 3600W /16A /230 VAC
Connection cable max 2.5 mm²
Load Cos φ = 0.3
Connection difference ±0.3°C
Enclosure class IP21
Back-up* 36 h
Sensor cable 3 m
Max extension sensor cable 45 m, 2 x 1.5mm²
Display dimensions 36 x 29 mm
Thermostat dimensions 81x81x40 mm
Suitable for frame systems Schneider Exxact, ELKO Plus/RS
EMC-certified Copes with surge voltage of 2500 VAC
Approval CE
Directive RoHS, WEEE

* The time the programming remains in the thermostat in the event of power failure.

Item number Name Dimensions
8581664 EB-Therm 355 81x81x40 mm

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product warranty covering material faults for our control units.
All terms and conditions is found here.




  • Heightening frame

    Ebeco's EB-Therm thermostats are designed for recessed or surface fitting. A heightening frame is used for surface fitting. The heightening frame is suitable for all EB-Therm models.
    Item number name Dimensions Colour
    8581686 Heightening frame Ebeco 87x87x29 mm White (RAL 9003)
  • Front Cover for 355

    EB-Therm 355 original colour is polar white. The Front Cover accessory gives the possibility of changing colour to suit some of the most popular systems on the market.. Frame not included.
    Item number Name Dimensions
    8581611 (1) Front Cover Anthracite for Exxact 55x55x18 mm
    8581612 (2) Front Cover Metallic for Exxact 55x55x18 mm
    8581613 (3) Front Cover Alu for Elko Plus 55x55x16 mm
    8581614 (4) Front Cover Black for Elko Plus 55x55x16 mm
    8581621 (5) Front Cover White ELJO Trend 55x55x18 mm
  • Backplate

    If the existing frame does not cover the hole, the thermostat is fitted in a back plate; Backplate. Backplate is suited to the Eljo Trend frame system.
    Item number Name Dimension Colour
    8581697 Backplate ELJO trend 86x86x6 mm White (RAL 9010)
    8581687 Backplate Ebeco frame 88x88x4.4 mm White (RAL 9003)
  • Sensor cable

    Sensor cable for thermostat. Included in thermostat pack.
    Sensor cable for thermostat. Included in thermostat pack.
    Item number Name Length
    8581671 Sensor cable

    3.0 m

    8581684 Sensor cable

    6.0 m




  • Spiral tube

    Spiral tube
    Spiral tube for thermostat sensor cable. End connection ensures that fixing and sealing compounds cannot enter. Ebeco Adapter (E 89 605 51), which makes it easier to handle the transition between box and spiral tube when installing a thermostat, is not included.
    Item number Name Length DI DY
    8960541 Spiral tube for thermostat sensor 2.5 m 7.5mm 10.0mm

Looking for the manual for any of our thermostat models? Have a look in the document archive!

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