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Specially designed insulation board for Cable Kit 400 and 200. The combinations gives an easily installed underfloor heating system for floor tiles and natural stone floors.

The special structure of the board reflects heat upwards in an extremely effective way. Compared with a reference system without insulation, energy consumption is up to 35% lower. No heat is lost downwards or sideways and the underfloor heating system acts rapidly. The floor temperature is raised 5-7°C in an hour. Thanks to its speed, it is even more beneficial to control the underfloor heating with a thermostat with an energy saving programme.

Extruded polystyrene cellular plastic makes the board light, durable and water resistant. Also, the holes in the board allow moisture through. No need to worry about rising damp or other moisture damage.


The board is only 20 mm thick and is complete with grooves for installing heating cable in. This means that cables are installed with a constant c/c-distance, which guarantees even heating. Since the distance does not need to be measured by hand, the system is a fast plug-and-play solution. The distance between grooves is 10 cm and output is approximately 110 W/m².

There is little work involved in installing Ebeco Cable Board. The board is fixed directly to the floor with Adesilex flow fix. The cable is laid in grooves and fixed in place with tape. The grooves are then filled with flow fix, onto which tiles can be laid.

For all floor constructions

The flow fix in the groove gives a beam effect, which makes for good adhesion. This design is approved for all types of subflooring. With concrete subflooring, it can be used both in wet rooms and dry rooms. With wooden subflooring, it may only be use in dry areas. It then replaces the plasterboard in the floor construction. In wet rooms with wooden subfloors, Ebeco Thermo Board is recommended.

Technical information
Dimensions 600 x 1200 x 20 mm / 0,72 m²
Material type Extruded polystyrene
Thermal conductivity 0.034 W/mK
Load resistance 9 ton/m²
Melting point > 100°C
Flash point > 380°C
Max continuous temp. 75°C
Water repellent 100 %
Solubility High resistance to acids and bases. Soluble in organic solvents.
Environment Contains no freon. Free of brominated flame retardants.

Choose the right number of packs

Cable Board is laid throughout the room, including under permanent fittings, so as to maintain the same floor height throughout. Measure the entire surface area of the room to calculate how many packs you need.

Choose the right Cable Kit

The Cable Kit underfloor heating pack is only laid on the free floor area. When choosing Cable Kit size, calculate the free floor area. This means you do not include any permanent fittings such as toilet seats, floor drains, fixed cabinets etc. Then choose Cable Kit from the table below.

Free floor area

Cable Kit 400

Cable Kit 200

1.4-1.9 m² 89 609 80 89 608 50
1.9-2.4 m² 89 609 81 89 608 51
2.3-3.0 m² 89 609 82 89 608 52
3.1-3.9 m² 89 609 83 89 608 53
3.7-4.6 m² 89 609 84 89 608 54
4.3-5.2 m² 89 609 85 89 608 55
4.9-5.9 m² 89 609 86 89 608 56
5.7-7.3 m² 89 609 87 89 608 57
7.3-9.2 m² 89 609 88 89 608 58
8.6-10.5 m² 89 609 89 89 608 59
10.7-12.7 m² 89 609 90 89 608 60
12.4-14.4 (15.4)* m² 89 609 91 89 608 61
15.4-17.5 (18.5)* m² 89 609 92 89 608 62
18.5-20.7 m² 89 609 93 89 608 63

*For areas in brackets the cable does not reach the two outermost grooves. Then plan installation carefully or combine two kits.

Item number Length Width Thickness Area/board Number of boards/frp Total area/pk
8960180 1200 mm 600 mm 20 mm 0.72 m² 5 3.6 m
  • Adesilex P4

    Adesilex P4
    Flow fix. Used for installing Ebeco Cable Board. Sufficient for approx.1.5 m² for fixing insulation board, filling grooves and tiling.
    Item number Name
    8960184 Flow fix Adesilex P4, 20 kg
  • Primer +

    Primer +
    Primer + is used for installing Cable Kit, Cable Board or Thermoflex Kit on existing floors (chipboard, plasterboard or concrete). Sufficient for approx. 25 m².
    Item number Item
    8960550 Primer +, 1 litre
  • Fixing tape

    Fixing tape used for installing Ebeco Cable Kit. Sufficient tape for about 4 m². (Included in Cable Kit 300/200.)
    Item number Name Dimensions
    8960545 Fixing tape 15 mm x 25 m
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